Cyber Spoofing Is No Laughing Matter.

Meet Tracy. She’s an energetic executive administrative assistant making travel arrangements, preparing reports and maintaining filing systems for her boss. Recently, she received an email from the CEO asking for her urgent assistance. The message includes a link, “Click here to view,” which takes her to the document-sharing platform log-in screen. Since they regularly use the platform for sharing information, there’s nothing to be suspicious with this random email, right?

Don’t do it, Tracy!

The average user receives 16 malicious emails per month.

Phishing attacks often mimic a message template of services you trust and spoofs you to click a link to enter your access information. Scammers not only get your log-in credentials, they could also obtain sensitive data about employees, partner organizations and customers, including contact and address information. Later, they will use this information to spread the attack to others, or hijack information with a hefty ransom to retrieve the locked data.

Six Essentials You Need in Your Security Arsenal

Like Tracy, nobody likes to be deceived. Identifying suspicious cyber activity in your network is a key defense in thwarting cyber attacks before they disrupt operations or cause downtime. Managed detection and response services provide 24/7/365 security monitoring and alerting of your critical systems to improve visibility, time to detection and incident response. Early warning detection of cyber threats can block malicious traffic before disrupting operations or compromising data.

Here are six essential features you need to strengthen your cyber defense.

Flag suspicious network activity in real-time.

True cyber threat prevention begins with real-time alerts and rapid incident response. An effective security information and event management (SIEM) solution can analyze security events with threat intelligence across your network, cloud environments and applications with log management and event correlation to send real-time security alerts.

Discover the weak points in your network before the bad guys do.

Vulnerability scans and assessments are indispensable in discovering weak points in your systems that can leave your organization vulnerable to advanced threats. Because threat actors are constantly inventing new tactics to penetrate your network, regular vulnerability scans and assessments can identify known and unknown flaws such as unpatched software or insecure configurations. The sooner you find where the real risks are located, the better you can quickly eliminate easy targets for threat actors to attack.

Know who’s roaming in your network.

Network behavioral monitoring pinpoints unusual network flow or traffic patterns. Context is critical when evaluating system and network behavior. Real-time behavioral analysis can help spot suspicious traffic anomalies or policy violations in your environment and replay the event during a breach with complete protocol analysis of network traffic.

Play by the rules with confidence.

Compliance assurance testing ensures you are operating within current governmental rules and regulations. Today’s ever-changing compliance frameworks (PCI, HIPAA, NERC, CIP and more) can be a challenge to manage and keep up to date. Managed security providers can help simplify compliance audits with real-time reporting and continuous management.

Proactively block intruders on the spot.

Managed intrusion prevention systems identify malicious activity at a granular level. Full visibility into your network is key. When a problem is detected, expert engineers can quickly alert and block malicious traffic before threat actors can compromise data or disrupt operations.

Counter risks with threat intelligence.

In-depth information about specific cyber threats puts you at an advantage. Actionable threat intelligence can quickly flag suspicious files, payloads, spam, phishing, malware or unusual web exploiting toolkits in real time. Managed security providers can monitor your network and traffic flow around the clock to provide early warning detection and rapid response to alerts so you can proactively secure your network.

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