With the rise of the remote worker operating model, it doesn’t take long to discover that a distributed workforce depends upon high network performance and uptime.

Digital speed and network resilience have a far greater impact for remote workers and teleworkers in maintaining productivity and a satisfying user experience.

Yet many organizations are struggling to provide the necessary network and server reliability to eliminate downtime risks in this new operating model. They are relying on network monitoring tools designed for simpler infrastructures with fewer devices, users and locations. With a distributed workforce, you are now watching not just the virtual private network connecting remote workers but also the LANs and WANs and carrier networks as well. Outdated network monitoring tools and processes are simply not effective to handle the complexity of a distributed workforce.

Five key capabilities are essential for monitoring a remote workforce. They include:

  • Full visibility into the network and applications,
  • Proactive alerting and troubleshooting before problems impact the organization,
  • Early warning detection to prevent downtime or outages,
  • Improved network availability and performance, and
  • Real-time tracking of overall network and application health.


Magna5’s intelligent remote workforce monitoring and management solution is designed to ease the burden of IT staffs by proactively watching your network, servers and applications to resolve remote worker issues before they happen. We monitor everything from SaaS applications to engineering services, including web conferencing applications (Zoom, GoToMeeting, Citrix), cloud applications, engineering services (like GitHub, Gitlab, AWS), virtual private networks and ISP connectivity. Quick troubleshooting and alerting ensure remote workers save bandwidth and avoid dropped connections.

Keys for Effective Network Uptime and Performance

Magna5 engineers can oversee granular administration over cloud applications, network devices, servers and security tools to ensure reliable uptime and high availability.

In-depth network monitoring and management requires detailed visibility, analysis, alerting and remediation response. Magna5 offers a multi-tiered approach to ensure reliable uptime and high bandwidth availability.

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring – We proactively monitor network performance, uptime and connectivity, and will provide ticket portal access and notification for critical issues. Basic service includes 24/7 monitoring, connectivity monitoring, performance monitoring and usage reports. Upgrade options include hardware, anti-virus, backup, application and event log monitoring, VPN monitoring, ISP issue notification and escalation, and monthly service review meetings.
  • Configuration Monitoring – We monitor and alert configuration changes across multiple networks, data centers or customer locations. Efficiency is improved by correlating configuration changes to infrastructure performance or device changes in our unified cloud platform.
  • AIOps Early Warning System – Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can pinpoint problems and reduce time to repair issues with root cause analysis and dynamic thresholds. Early warning helps prevent outages or downtime long before they impact your organization.
  • Network Flow Monitoring – We collect and analyze abnormal traffic patterns, validate bandwidth and Quality of Service (QoS), and analyze new network applications to maximize network performance and reliability.
  • Help Desk Services – Our U.S.-based certified engineers are fully accessible, day or night, via toll-free number, email or chat. They address issues promptly, detect trends and provide reports of your network’s health. We help support applications and devices that organizations use the most, including Microsoft Windows, Office, Apple, Android and more.


Dependable network uptime and resilience are the defining hallmarks of how organizations can achieve “always on” network performance and high availability. Magna5’s nimble teams of engineers can help you evaluate your network management services to improve system performance and network reliability, and we can help you create a roadmap to move toward a long-term solution to meet your distributed workforce strategy.

Looking to effectively monitor the shift to a remote workforce operating model? Download our free Network Monitoring and Management mini-booklet to learn more. Or contact us to schedule consultation with one of our experts.

Mike Penn

Mike Penn

Mike Penn joined Magna5 as Senior Content Developer. His role is to bring to life stories that inspire or inject clarity in how managed services and emerging trends can be applied to help organizations operate better and more efficiently.


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