Over the past five years, security breaches have increased by 67%, according to Accenture’s global survey.

Traditional security is in trouble. As threat actors deploy more advanced attack strategies, traditional approaches can no longer defend against the overwhelming number of vulnerabilities an organization faces. A proactive multi-layered approach that boasts visibility into your network, cloud apps and more can help organizations be more prepared for what is to come.

For the North … or Your IT Environment

Multi-layered security is all about eliminating single points of failure throughout your IT environment. Compare it to the fight with the Night King in Season 8 of Game of Thrones. The North is your IT environment and you must protect it from the Night King and his Army of the Dead, or a vast sea of threat actors. The North partnered with other armies to create a stronger defense against their enemy. The Dothraki, Unsullied, Army of the North, Wildlings, Dragons and many more worked in layers to combat the Army of the Dead, and to comprehensively defend Winterfell from the threat.

A multi-layered security approach is similar to the tactical layout seen in this battle. Each army has their strength and purpose, but in the end, they work on a greater level to combat threats. They are proactive in their approach to defending the North by enhancing visibility and detection. They make sure they have the right tools that can combat the threat, eliminate vulnerabilities that could be exploited and create a strategic plan of attack.

Building a Multi-Layered Approach with Managed Security Services

While we might not have Dothraki flaming swords or dragons to charge into battle with, an organization can deploy their own secret weapons to combat threat actors. Building a multi-layered security approach with managed services can help fortify your organization’s castle with proactive defenses such as real-time visibility and monitoring that enhances threat detection and incident response. As Daenerys had real-time visibility from the sky into the battle from her dragon, visibility into your network can make all the difference into threat prevention and detection. Here are some of the most viable security initiatives that could help your organization create a security approach that can withstand the threat landscape.

Vulnerability Assessment

Many times, organizations don’t find holes in their defenses until after a breach or ransomware attack occurs. Vulnerability scans and assessments can help you detect issues in your network, applications and other devices before it is too late. It also helps you prioritize remediation plans with vulnerability tracking over time as they appear, are fixed or reappear. You can also create custom reports to document that policies are followed, and lapses are fixed to comply with industry regulations.

Patch Management

All too often, security breaches are the result of vulnerabilities that should have already been patched. According to a recent survey, nearly 27 percent of organizations worldwide have been breached as a result of unpatched vulnerabilities. The sheer volume of patches, along with testing to ensure seamless deployment, can cause a backlog with your IT team, leaving gaps for threat actors to exploit. A patch management solution offloads the immense amount of software security and bug patches to a managed services provider. A team of trained and certified engineers will manage the whole patch management process from monitoring, testing, deployment and emergency patching.

Firewall Management

While we know firewalls are an integral part of the multi-layer security stack, next-generation firewalls add an additional layer of protection by layering in threat intelligence. Deeper network visibility allows for more advanced malware protection, malicious traffic blocking and policy enforcement. Firewall Management allows a managed services provider to constantly tune and correct policies and configurations to align with emerging threats and changing business environments.

Managed Detection and Response

You can’t protect what you can’t see. Managed Detection and Response delivers real-time security visibility and continuous monitoring for a deeper level of threat detection. Identify, contain and remediate threats in your network, cloud applications and more with correlated log data that conducts forensic analysis of events. When an out of the ordinary event occurs, an alarm is set and notifies the managed service provider’s IT security team. They can quickly remediate the issue, contain breaches and block malicious threats.

Incident Response Team

One of the more important aspects of security planning is having a team that can quickly act after a breach occurs. Things happen, sophisticated threats break through the walls of defenses and threat actors trick victims into falling for scams. Having a team readily available can decrease your time to detection by improving how quickly and seamlessly remediation plans are put into place and threats are contained.


As the North prevailed against the Night King and his Army of the Dead, so can organizations against threat actors. A strategic plan, proactive managed security services and a team of trained security engineers can help fortify the castle and protect your data.

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