We are seeing a massive turnover in Legacy-Based PBX Systems, and, with that, we have a gaggle of cringe-worthy user-experience anecdotes. Whether it be the installation and implementation or the service and support, there is no shortage of chances for a slip up along the way. Much like a road trip, you have a destination in mind and you can visualize exactly how it looks, getting there is the tough part. There are several directions involved on your path to get to your last stop and just one wrong move can hinder your process tremendously.

With this said, at Magna5, we’ve provided a roadmap to guide you along the journey to a modernized Communications Platform. In keeping with your road trip, we’ve defined five key mileposts to plot your learning journey, progress, and also a final milepost to help you know when you know you’ve reached your destination. So, join us for this road trip jaunt as we travel through cloud-based communications. We promise you’ll like this road trip – and we’ve even got a great Road Trip Playlist.

On the Road Towards Business Cloud Communication Solutions

Starting Point: Find a great partner. On your journey, find a great partner so you can enjoy the ride together. This partner knows the right direction, the ins/outs, and how to avoid wrong turns, dead-ends, and is someone you trust, and just maybe someone who shares the same taste in music (that’s a big deal).

Road Trip Playlist: “I’ve Been Lookin'” By Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Mile 1 Marker

Milepost 1: Your Money. At this post, you’ll learn how companies are able to preserve their money for bigger and better things, and hear ways you can preserve your own precious cash. As you leave Milepost 1, you’ll come away with new ideas and solutions to optimize your financials … and one clear point, CapEx spending on limited and depreciating legacy-based assets and systems is neither a good move, nor is it a wise one.

Road Trip Playlist: “Take the Money and Run” by The Steve Miller Band

Mile 2 Marker

Milepost 2: Promise of Next-Gen Cloud Applications. At this post, you’ll learn about SIP (the glue) for new Cloud-based multimedia applications such as presence, chat, CRM integration, self-serve portal control, disaster recovery built-in, supporting your new “everyday, anytime, on-the-go office.” It really is a whole new world.

Road Trip Playlist: “More Than A Feeling” By Boston

Mile 3 Marker

Milepost 3:  The New Mobile Workforce, Always On the Go. At this post, we will do a deep dive into the remote workforce. With all of the technology constantly being engrained into your company’s network, it is important to know how to handle all of these devices and learn how they can all tie into your network using best practices and innovative technologies to support, protect and help grow your business.

Road Trip Playlist: “On The Road Again” By Willie Nelson

Mile 4 Marker

Milepost 4Rapid change: Integration, Disaster Recovery and Self-Serve Control. A bump in the road – we’ve all hit it. The road to modernizing communication is full of several road blocks and detours. It is important not to get discouraged and to keep trucking. Learn how to mitigate risks to navigate around hazardous occurrences in your network, and we’re here to protect your network and provide backup when you need it most.

Road Trip Playlist: “Gimme Shelter” By The Rolling Stones

Final DestinationPeace of Mind. You’ll know when you get there. And you’ll be thrilled that your business communications needs are finally where they need to be. The road is always smooth, the navigation seamless and the Road Trip Playlist is always spot on when you have a trusted partner that wants to see you reach your destination. Reach out to Magna5 anytime to start the road to simplifying your communications network. www.magna5global.com

Let us ride shotgun, we promise we’ll get you where you need to go.

Road Trip Playlist: “Peaceful Easy Feeling” By The Eagles

If you need help choosing a cloud-based communication plan for your business, Magna5 is ready to hit the road with you!

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