Driving Responsiveness – Agility Series (Part One)

Rather than tapping the brakes during the COVID-19 business lockdowns, many organizations are accelerating growth by reaching out to managed service providers to help them quickly pivot operations to meet the challenges of accommodating remote workers or shoppers. In this first installment of a series, we focus on collaboration tools.

Anywhere, anytime engagement with customers

Unified Communications allows organizations to affordably interconnect teams and branch offices to an enterprise-class cloud network for reliable connections with clear voice quality and reliable performance. When integrated with robust collaboration software, the solution seamlessly integrates phone, instant messaging, video conferencing and voicemail applications together onto a unified, cloud platform. This way, organizations can easily engage with customers as well as employees on any digital device.

Organizations are attracted to Unified Communications because it is simple to deploy and doesn’t require ongoing upkeep. Typically, a managed service provider will centrally manage the UC overseeing granular control over bandwidth, apps and devices to ensure reliable connectivity and network performance. Organizations can integrate their mobile devices with desktop collaboration functions so they can send and receive calls, instant messages and video conference calls from any device connected to the internet.

Unified Communications has become a staple solution to connect a remote workforce working from home as well as shoppers communicating with businesses as they shop online. Let’s look at a scenario where an organization using Magna5’s Unified Communications-as-a-Service is making a difference.

A great shopping experience online begins with real-time collaboration.

A health food store that is already shaking up the food industry by bringing healthy organic foods and grab-n-go homemade sandwiches in a corner grocery store concept needed to improve its online shopping experience.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many of its loyal customers decided to play it safe and make their orders online rather than risk instore buying to avoid risk of exposure.

Customers shopped two ways online. They either used the health food store’s online portal, or they used third-party online pickup and delivery entities. Both ways, the groceries were delivered at their doorstep.

However, the health food grocer had limited communication with customers or the third-party entities if an item in their online order suddenly became unavailable. Rather than lose a sale, they reached out to Magna5 to provide innovation where they could improve communicate with them in real-time to offer alternative selections to replace the unavailable items while they were filling the order.

The store was already using Amazon Fire tablets. Magna5 upgraded their Unified Communication seats with MaxUC, a robust collaboration software, to allow store employees to communicate with their customers through voice, chat, text or email. Now when filling online orders, if a shopper’s favorite item is no longer in stock, employees can text the shopper, or third-party pickup and delivery entity, and offer a similar alternative. This real-time feedback is like talking directly with an instore grocer and drastically improves the shopper’s experience to ensure they get what they want. It also reduces the risk of lost business by offering a similar replacement item to satisfy a customer’s preference.

Need to engage with customers with better collaboration tools? Take a look at our Unified Communications-as-a-Service mini-booklet to learn more.

Mike Penn

Mike Penn

Mike Penn joined Magna5 as Senior Content Developer. His role is to bring to life stories that inspire or inject clarity in how managed services and emerging trends can be applied to help organizations operate better and more efficiently.


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