Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) can help credit unions deploy reliable and cost-effective connectivity at every branch location.

It can be difficult for credit unions to deliver the IT operational efficiency required for modern, omnichannel customer experiences. Increasing competition, compliance challenges and customer demands are driving more credit unions toward network connectivity – at all locations – that doesn’t waver or become unreliable. Their customers are counting on it.

Let’s take a look at three reasons SD-WAN can help credit unions deliver service availability and seamless branch rollout.

SD-WAN provides better connectivity with less effort

Traditional branch networks can’t always assure predictable application performance or reduce bandwidth costs. Sometimes, MPLS and high-bandwidth connectivity isn’t always available at branch locations. And other times, budget won’t allow you to implement expensive MPLS. Virtualizing the network to the cloud with SD-WAN allows organizations to experience enhanced network connectivity performance while decreasing costs.

SD-WAN delivers modern, enterprise-grade WANs by utilizing low-cost broadband internet links. Multiple links, devices and services can coexist and interoperate with incumbent solutions to make the branch more agile. SD-WAN aggregates disparate links into a single virtual overlay that are automatically detected. It will shape traffic to achieve optimal performance for all traffic types, from any provider. Traffic is prioritized so mission-critical application data gets preference over low-priority data. For example, if you use cloud-based Unified Communications to bring customer and banker together, conversations would go without jitter and video would be clean and continuous without latency.

SD-WAN enables low-touch deployment & centralized management

As banks and credit unions continue to build out their location base as well as move critical applications to the cloud, they are seeing palpable benefits from SD-WAN. Stitching together multiple WAN technologies to connect branch offices is a difficult task. It required multiple costly links, hardware per site and complicated network architectures.

Cloud-delivered SD-WAN helps you remove the complexity of branch rollout. From a single, unified portal, central management capabilities allow for new branch locations to be deployed with low-touch site activation, eliminating the need for an on-site technician. Set business policies, traffic prioritization rules, Quality of Service (QoS), security updates and application access from a single portal (or managed services provider if you go the managed SD-WAN route) and distribute them to all sites, easily without the hassle.

SD-WAN makes it easier to keep data secure 24/7/365

As credit unions rapidly open more locations, security and compliance regulatory challenges will increase. They must ensure that traffic coming from cloud-based applications, accessed by internet-connected users, is secured from emerging threats.

SD-WAN allows organizations to maintain a secure connection with automatic traffic encryption and dynamic VPN tunnels. Traffic is backhauled over a secured VPN to cloud gateways where monitoring and security policies are placed. It also applies firewall signature blocking at the cloud entry-point to the virtual network. Most SD-WAN solutions have integrations into third-party security services that can allow for an extra layer of security at all branch locations.


As credit unions advance banking capabilities with video, voice and mobile on-the-go, reliable connectivity and security is paramount to delivering a positive customer experience at every branch location. SD-WAN can help unlock the possibilities of a modern network that can embrace the demands that come with a constantly changing IT landscape.

Need help delivering a modern branch experience with SD-WAN? We can help. Contact Magna5 today for a network consultation.

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