With recently announced guidelines outlining a phased approach to jumpstart the American economy and get businesses reopened after months of COVID-19 lockdown, is it possible to emerge as an even better organization?

The ‘shelter in place’ orders for many organizations have given business owners a window of opportunity to rethink the way they do business, serve customers and keep employees productive.

Here are four ways managed services are playing a key role to help businesses bounce back and thrive.

Flatten the curve of change

Look for ways you can shine to provide a better experience in the midst of change.

As workers were required to work remotely from home during the pandemic, one company knew there would get an avalanche of help desk calls. Instead of waiting for a huge backlog of tickets, they jumped into action and partnered with their managed services provider for Help Desk services to help their in-house IT team handle the high demand for support. As a result, employees didn’t have to wait to get the help they needed setting up their work-from-home computers and devices. Or for resolving their Microsoft issues. Or for configuring their domain controls. The company proactively flattened the curve of change by ensuring demand for technical support did not exceed available help. Productivity remained high without disruption.

Turn obstacles into opportunities

Seek out cost-effective alternatives during hard times.

A nationwide business lockdown was a wake-up call for many organizations. Many businesses still use traditional phone systems or MLPS network connections. With the sudden need for anywhere, anytime collaboration, they were caught unprepared. Managed services can help you bounce back quickly with cost-effective Unified Communications that affordably interconnect your teams and branch offices to an enterprise-class cloud network for reliable communications. It allows you to integrate phone, instant messaging, video conferencing and voicemail applications together onto one unified, cloud platform. You’ll be able to connect with employees and customers from the road, from home, at any branch office or anywhere your business takes you. With Unified Communications, there are no complex on-premises deployments, multi-year contracts or ongoing upkeep. Best of all, there are no costly upfront costs. Convenient monthly subscription charges include usage, software and system upgrades. To get started during business lockdown, Magna5 is offering customers free video collaboration software through June 30.

Improve your impact by becoming more resilient

Ensure you have “always on” reliable connections

Nobody wants to sit in a virtual conference and have the boss’ important presentation cut off in mid-sentence. As remote workers began connecting to organizations’ networks on a grand scale during the business lockdown, bandwidth quickly became short in supply. Their aging network traffic connections became clogged, which caused jitter, slow connections and session drops. With managed software-defined networking using SD-WAN, managed services providers can create a resilient network that provides high bandwidth availability with better voice quality and application performance … all centrally monitored and managed. Whether using single or multiple connections, SD-WAN is essential for correcting struggling traffic using real-time traffic orchestration that re-routes traffic to a better connection. By having a managed services provider fully manage your network traffic with SD-WAN, you can bounce back with better connections and happier employees and customers.

Transform where it matters … keeping your organization safe

Resist cybercriminals with multiple layers of security

Remember how hackers zeroed in on network vulnerabilities as millions of Americans were forced to work from home by the coronavirus pandemic? Traditional antivirus and signature detection are no match for today’s advanced cyberattacks. Endpoints connected inside and outside of the office firewall are prime entry points for cybercriminals to target organizations. Managed Endpoint Security can help you bounce back with real-time endpoint attack prevention and response. Managed security operations have full visibility into your endpoint environment to watch both known and unknown cyber threats at every stage of their lifecycle. Attacks at the endpoint level are detected and blocked before they become active. With security experts monitoring your network and endpoints around the clock, you can emerge a better organization as America reopens for business.

Ready to reinvent your organization with powerful managed services? Let us help. Schedule a consultation with our experts.

Mike Penn

Mike Penn

Mike Penn joined Magna5 as Senior Content Developer. His role is to bring to life stories that inspire or inject clarity in how managed services and emerging trends can be applied to help organizations operate better and more efficiently.


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