2019 Network Wishlist: A self-adaptive network that responds to real-time employee and customer demand.

Businesses require flexible network solutions that are secure but powered with high-performance connectivity. However, as more cloud-based applications, big data analytics, and platforms are integrated into the business network to increase operational efficiencies, your network can experience increased strain.  According to IDC, network traffic is doubling every three years, which is causing a 20% increase in enterprise WAN bandwidth per year at the branch level. As a result, organizations are in need of more advanced network solutions that are suitable to meet multi-site dependency, seamless failover, and security standards.

According to Gartner, 30-50% of large enterprise traffic is shifting to the cloud, which is changing traffic flows and making traditional WAN solutions suboptimal.

Cloud Managed Networking

Cloud-based networking minimizes the number of devices needed to manage the network as well as enhance flexible features that were once not applicable. Cloud networking, like Magna5’s Cloud Managed Network, includes centralized management, visibility, SD-WAN-like functionality, and better control over the network. The service centralizes aspects like wireless access routers, multi-site devices, and traffic control into a single pane of glass via the cloud. The goal is a self-adaptive network that responds quickly and seamlessly to real-time employee and customer demand by utilizing private networks that leverage WAN connections. Connectivity, security and management is pushed to the cloud for a more enhanced experience.

SD-WAN taking the main stage  

SD-WAN technology has matured to the point that it enables customers to eliminate the last mile provider, enabling the selection of the very best network for multi-location and gain both economic improvements as well as performance, flexibility and control. According to Cisco based research, SD-WAN will increase 5-fold and will account for 29 percent of WAN traffic by 2022. By taking a new approach to network deployment and management, SD-WAN offers enhanced performance, accelerated service delivery, and improved availability at a low cost of ownership. An SD-WAN deployment can integrate into existing WANs and support MPLS, as well as hybrid WANs, to deliver improvements to any network infrastructure. Unlike traditional network solutions like MPLS, SD-WAN delivers a network overlay with multiple links to form a unified pool of bandwidth creating a high availability for applications.

Based on IDC research, 80% of new enterprise applications will be deployed in the cloud by 2030. And, Cisco states that almost all workloads will be cloud-based within 3 years – even on-premises workloads will run in a virtualized environment.

Traffic is moving to the cloud because there it is increasing and it is growing rapidly. The cloud offers elasticity that can handle application performance, traffic fluctuations, and complex designs. It also offers the improved security to minimize enterprise risk and better protect consumer information.

The cloud is enhancing the way that the network performs and will continue to do so as digital transformation continues. It is important that organizations are evaluating their networks and the advantages of cloud-based networking to determine if these solutions are right for them. Cloud Managed Networking and SD-WAN technologies enables business to take advantage of optimized cost, performance, simplified branch management and security. If your network needs evaluated, call Magna5 today.

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