5 BENEFITSof using NaaS and SD-WAN Solutions

Lower-cost of Ownership

… no networking or security appliances required, keeping OpEx costs low.

MPLS Alternative

…replaces Multiprotocol label switching with lower cost internet, such as cable broadband.

Quality of Service

…as well as improved performance over the public internet as more applications and services move to the cloud

The right solutions for your needs

…based on the organizational needs and required application performance, the appropriate WAN assigned as needed for voice, video and data

Centralized Monitoring & Visibility

Management and control features allow network teams to adopt an agile, software-based operations model, with centralized monitoring, visibility and cloud control

SD-WAN: a Cloud Network offering that can augment or even replace your MPLS.

Business Continuity.

Magna5 provides peace of mind with business continuity: it’s the idea of keeping your business safe and running smoothly no matter the threats or potential disasters that try and attack your network. Our suite of products (DRaaS, UCC, SD-WAN, LTE and Dynamic Toll Free) provides businesses the knowledge that if a power failure, carrier failure or natural disaster occurs, ‘business as normal’ still happens..

Reliable, Secure Connections.

SD-WAN equips your organization with the ability to utilize lower cost Internet connections without worrying about security, or expensive fiber connections. With reliable, secure data connections, as well as connectivity to centralized data centers, Magna5 SD-WAN provides an economical alternative to MPLS. In addition, having a secure network VPN lets companies expand their remote workforce, meaning your company can grow and connect – anytime, anywhere.



Connect remote branches.

Using any form of internet, including lower-cost internet (such as coax, DSL and LTE), we can help you connect remote branches and allow for traffic segmentation, meaning your IT managers can determine what data and information leaves your servers.

Real-time Access.

This SD-WAN and SD-Security offering provides a premium user experience with real-time access to application routing, network performance, next-gen firewall settings and advanced network analytics.

Cloud-based Service.

Comprehensive service offering hands-on management and detailed reporting from a single pane of glass without purchasing and deploying their own underlying infrastructure.


Lower Cost of Ownership

MPLS Alternative

Quality of Service

Streamline Your Business Connections with Magna5 NaaS and SD-WAN Solutions

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