IT monitoring and management services offer organizations a way to improve security and network uptime without burdening internal IT teams. In this post, we’ll review four of the biggest reasons organizations use it.

IT monitoring and management is a service where a third-party managed services provider (MSP) monitors your network so they can address and prevent issues in real time.

As a result, you get better reliability and performance out of your network. Your internal IT team can focus on other high-priority tasks. And, most importantly for some, you get better response to breaches and cyber-attacks.

The best MSPs will offer nonstop 24/7/365 monitoring and management of device connections, network security and performance. They might also tackle jobs like VPN monitoring, ISP issue notification, tiered escalation and application management.

Here are the benefits you get in return.

Better Uptime

Downtime can completely disrupt business operations. Work and customer experiences suffer when networks don’t perform. It’s also quite costly, running businesses up to $5,600 a minute on average.

MSPs with a 24/7/365 operations center can monitor, identify and fix critical system health and performance issues in real time. Managed IT monitoring and management uses around-the-clock surveillance to provide predictable and stable uptime. Through early issue detection and fast response times, these services improve productivity and increase network performance.

Total Network Visibility

If your organization has a large IT infrastructure handling multiple sites, your network can feel vast and hard to manage. Managed IT monitoring provides an extra set of eyes to watch your network with total network visibility across all locations from a single portal.

Proactive management maintains the health of all your integrated IT environments to ensure predictable uptime and reliability. With insights into the network’s daily performance, functions and health, you won’t have to wonder about what’s happening in your network.

Better Security

Keeping IT infrastructure up to date is an essential but time-consuming part of keeping your network secure. With IT management, MSPs regularly perform network patches to make them more secure. They’ll also identify and contain bugs and security risks before they wreak havoc on your system.

For this reason, many organizations will couple IT monitoring and management with managed security services to better mitigate risk and exposure to malicious cyber threats.

Saves IT Staff Time

Network monitoring is a 24/7/365 job that helps prevent issues before they happen. This makes it a critical but very resource-intensive task. More often than not, IT teams large and small don’t have the time or interest to manage it.

With IT monitoring and management services, MSPs do the heavy lifting. Smaller IT departments like this because it removes what’s causing a continuous drain on their staff and lets them focus on high-priority projects. It also helps fill expertise gaps, saving time and providing valuable support.


Managed IT monitoring and management services help companies boost network performance and cut costs. If you don’t have the resources to do it yourself, it might be time to augment your team with the right managed services partner.

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