Managing a network of any scale can be a difficult task, especially if you are experiencing network disruptions.

Networks are becoming increasingly complicated and bandwidth intensive with the increase of cloud, essential applications, security standards and geographically diverse branch offices. The high-availability and always on standards of mission-critical applications and systems are causing network disruptions to be less accepted and costly for organizations. However, complications come with the territory. Whether it’s weather issues, hardware glitches, software vulnerabilities, or natural disasters, there are plenty of ways that your network could experience downtime.

How do network administrators juggle the constant barrage of possible disruptions while continuing to keep their network secure and connected with maximized reliability and resilience? It’s a daunting task, but there are some tactics that help your organization augment their network and minimize business disruption in the event of an outage.

Building diversity into the network

Building diversity into your network can help boost uptimes and ensure that your mission-critical applications and voice are available and supported at all times. Network diversity is built by deploying two different independent internet connections that do not share commonality. An outage can be avoided by having a stateful failover solution built using these multiple connections to rely on to ensure your mission-critical workloads and applications can be rerouted.

Ensuring redundant connections in the network

Redundant network connections allow your business to benefit from greater availability of network connectivity. Redundancy is created by having two independent means of connecting to the internet, whether that is from multiple network providers or multiple transport protocols.

Many organizations are relying on SD-WAN (software-defined WAN) to ensure optimized and redundant connections. SD-WAN utilizes existing low-cost bandwidth by aggregating circuits of any type, from any provider, to relieve congestion, provide faster response, and ensure redundant connections. Links are automatically detected, and real-time bandwidth is measured, monitored and used to optimize traffic steering for enterprise-grade performance.  SD-WAN extends the network perimeter to the branch for high availability and failover options.

SD-WAN is built on a cloud WAN that virtualizes every network function to deliver more agility and uninterrupted service to data, voice and workloads stored in the cloud. Often businesses rely on the public internet to transport data to and from the cloud. These connections best efforts are often spotty, insecure and nonredundant. A cloud network allows direct connections to your mission critical workloads to keep businesses connected, even if an outage were to occur.

24/7/365 monitoring and management of the network

Professional network monitoring can safeguard that organizations are never being surprised by a network outage again. An Operations Center will monitor, identify and fix critical system health and performance issues, in real-time. They will monitor performance statics such as jitter, latency, availability and packet delivery for real-time visibility into network health. When an issue is detected, an alert will be sent, and engineers will make the necessary changes to stabilize the network.

At Magna5, our top priority is ensuring the reliability and security of a customer’s network. Our engineers build, deploy, and manage the network to ensure optimal resilience and better uptimes. Our 24/7/365 Operations Center monitors your network all day and night to mitigate issues and possible threats before they become downtime situations. This is especially helpful for customers who are located regionally or international. Their quick response ensures that your network will be running at optimal efficiency at all times.

Network monitoring, diversified connections and redundancy are nothing new, but many businesses are still failing to deploy the proper precautions to eliminate downtime events. Natural disasters, fiber cuts, storms, hardware glitches, and software issues can all cause your organization to experience a network outage. However, by ensuring you have redundant and diversified connections, coupled with professional monitoring and management, you can secure your organization from a network disruption.

Contact Magna5 to ensure your network can withstand the next disruption.

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