Today’s business world is on the move, multi-location and dependent on high-performance connectivity.

Customers, employees, partners and vendors are now located all around the world and their needs expand past their domestic locations. High-performance and global connectivity is a must to conduct efficient business, especially when it comes to communication and collaboration.

Businesses run on high-capacity fiber and connectivity solutions to efficiently process the vast amounts of data and applications that they utilize. Reliability, security, and redundancy is necessary to achieve the always-on business model that organizations rely on to conduct business with other branch offices and customers. Inadequate connectivity becomes a problem when insufficient or fluctuating bandwidth cannot support the necessary applications and devices organizations utilize to perform daily business operations – video conferencing, audio, custom applications, CRMs, and more.

IoT is no longer a buzzword, it’s reality

IoT is no longer a buzzword, it’s all around us – including in the business landscape. Organizations are connecting more devices to the internet than ever before. And it goes beyond things like smart watches and devices. Manufactures are connecting machines, food suppliers are using connected devices to monitor fridge temperatures and performance, connected security cameras are monitoring offices, and the list goes on.  It is estimated that, as we approach 2020, it is likely that there will be more than 50 billion connected devices worldwide.

All of these devices consume bandwidth and the need for more efficient networks has brought new advancement requirements to the table. People expect that bandwidth will always be available at the fastest speeds possible, even when demands increase. Innovative solutions that are scalable, secure and reliable will be critical as needs continue to expand – especially if they are backed by expert support.

5G, the 5th generation of wireless technology

5G is not only faster than 4G, but will be able to offer businesses access to the innovation of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), automated cars, telemedicine and connected buildings with better reliability, low latency and better capacity and coverage. For example, imagine the healthcare industry and the amount of data is utilized and transferred as more applications move to the cloud. 5G will enable hospitals and other health providers to meet these demands and grow the reachability of telemedicine with AI.

A Partner to help you tread the connectivity waters

The goal for every IT professional with their connectivity is faster connections with lower costs, that are supported 24/7/365. A partner can help you examine your infrastructure needs and provide a roadmap to your connectivity choices. They can help ensure that your connectivity needs are met, whether that is through 4G (or the upcoming 5G), MPLS, fiber, software-defined networks (SDN), Cloud managed networks, or SD-WAN. MSPs, like Magna5, work with customers to ensure network readiness and optimized user experience. Ensure you can connect with anyone, no matter where they are located. Contact us today for more information!

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