Driving Responsiveness – Agility Series (Part Three)

By default, playing it safe during a downturn can hurt your chances to thrive in a stronger position when the upturn bounces back. Smart organizations are using this period during the coronavirus lockdown to re-evaluate their current IT capabilities and invest in newer technologies administered by managed service providers to operate more efficiently with less costs.

The shift to accommodate a massive remote workforce is a case in point. The pandemic forced organizations throughout the world to implement work-from-home practices with millions of employees using their personal computers, tablets and mobile phones to access organizational networks. Cyber criminals gleefully ratcheted their attacks on remote workers because they know they are less protected than those working in the safety of corporate environments. It is well documented that 70% of all data breaches originate from endpoints [IDC]. In this third installment of our Agility series, we spotlight endpoint security.

Protect Your Endpoints on Multiple Fronts

Endpoint Security monitors your workstations and servers for sophisticated malware and evolving cyber attacks. It provides visibility into your endpoint activity to quickly detect and mitigate advanced threats before they reach and jeopardize data across your organization. No matter where your employees are working, endpoint security can safeguard your network infrastructure with real-time detection and response.

Today, cyber attackers use fileless malware, zero-day exploits or other advanced persistent threats. These attacks don’t use signatures, so traditional antivirus programs and signature detection methods are no match to stop these threats. That’s why it is important to have a multi-layered defense strategy. Managed security providers, like Magna5, unify prevention, detection and response in a single solution … fully managed by Magna5’s 24/7/365 Operations Center. With centralized visibility into all your endpoint activity, Magna5 can block and quarantine malware that takes foothold into your network or can even reverse the attack with malware rollback to defuse the damage before it happens. Active threat hunting seeks out intrusions that have evaded antivirus and eliminates them before they are executed.

Let’s look at a scenario where an organization implementing Magna5’s endpoint security protected their remote users and network environment.

A busy construction firm had suffered a ransomware attack against a remote desktop environment, which spread to 80% of their workstations and servers. The company had around 500 total endpoints. Previously, they managed anti-virus and firewalls in-house. However, they did not have a cybersecurity detection or monitoring system.

While the original attack started from a breached user, the construction firm reached out to Magna5 to implement a solution that would keep this from happening again. We deployed our Endpoint Security solution giving the company a multi-tiered defense by incorporating patch management, full visibility endpoint monitoring, and detection and response capabilities along with automated threat hunting.

Around-the-clock endpoint security monitoring watches known and unknown cyber threats at every stage of their lifecycle. Detection and response proactively isolates and quarantines the threat and allows the system to rollback after ransomware is detected. Patch management prevents entry points from being exploited by patching vulnerabilities within the environment so ransomware cannot worm through the network. The last layer provides active threat hunting to detect and continue looking for malicious activity or footholds that the endpoint security might have missed.

Do you need better security protection at the endpoint level to stop cyber risks? Download our free Endpoint Security mini-booklet to learn more.

Mike Penn

Mike Penn

Mike Penn joined Magna5 as Senior Content Developer. His role is to bring to life stories that inspire or inject clarity in how managed services and emerging trends can be applied to help organizations operate better and more efficiently.


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