Magna5 provides wholesale DID (Direct Inward Dialing), Dynamic Toll Free and ITFS (International Toll Free Service) voice termination worldwide. We have interconnected with most of the global Tier 1 carriers using fully meshed, dedicated links to ensure reliable call completion. Magna5’s intelligent network lets your company route incoming and outbound toll free calls according to your business needs. Our advanced call features provide support and enhanced routing capabilities. We ensure excellent call performance and multiple delivery features.

Why Magna5 for Domestic and International Voice Termination

Magna5 is creating new and unique ways to serve our customers with dynamic call routing and the ability to add large capacity to ensure the highest quality, scalability and cost effectiveness. With a robust and rigorously-engineered SIP network, we are geographically diverse, with POPs in major telco data centers around the country. Magna5 is a leading provider of voice services serving a diverse customer base of contact centers, applications providers, telecom carriers, and other voice and data products and services companies.  The Magna5 voice platform is relied on across North America, Asia-Pacific, Caribbean and Latin America and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Reliable Network

Robust network that is geographically diverse, with POPs in major data centers around the country.

Priced the way you need it.

Pay for only what you need, when you need it with scalable services.

Knowledgeable Customer Care

24/7/365 enhanced support from a team of technical experts that are looking out for our customer’s needs.

Carrier-grade voice with quality routing and support

Magna5 optimizes routing for your calls for optimized call quality from point A to point B. Our Domestic and International Voice Termination can be sent to destinations across the entire dialing plan in a given country because they are true local calls. Make in-country calls with true local number presentation with rapid rollout. Boost your answer rates and better connect with international audiences with Magna5 Domestic and International Voice Termination!


For customers who operate locally or globally, Magna5 offers comprehensive domestic and international inbound coverage. Leveraging our extensive coverage and over 10,000 rate centers, we can provide origination in the US 48 and over 80 countries. We offer flexible routing options with rapid implementation!

  • DID, ITFS, UIFN and in-country toll free
  • Customized networking
  • Metered or channel based
  • CNAM (Caller ID) delivery
  • Fail over
  • Take back and transfer


Our outbound services are built to be flexible. Our proprietary least cost routing (LCR) platform provides you the ability to maximize your network performance and achieve your budgetary objectives. Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company, we have the network and experience to meet your needs.

  • High Velocity Short Duration
  • Enterprise and Conversational Traffic
  • Carrier Specific Termination
  • T38 Fax
  • Customized LCR

The Magna5 Difference

Magna5 Security


We are SOC 2 audited to keep you secure and protected. Our services help you stay compliant with government regulations.

Magna5 24/7/365


We are available to answer any questions you have 24/7/365 at our Operations Center.

24/7 Support


Trained and certified in all recent technologies for smooth implementations and support.

Magna5 Reliability


Best-of-breed technology and support that allows for high availability and uptimes for our customers.

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