Being able to recover from a disaster with full availability and minimal downtime can make or break your business success.

Businesses are challenged with data disasters from every angle – human error, accidental deletion, ransomware, and natural disasters are just a few of the causes. Businesses must learn how to prepare for and handle disasters to ensure their data and infrastructure is protected from the unknown.

Disaster Recovery that Protects from Ransomware

The first and most important step to protecting your organization’s data is implementing fast restore and disaster recovery. Having a backup is no longer good enough, especially if your storage is not secure. There are many instances where ransomware deleted an organization’s backups from storage. This makes it impossible to restore data after an attack and forces the organization to ante up the ransom. If you are backing up (which you should be), you must be able to quickly restore and ensure your data center is secured from cyber-attacks.

Continuing Business in the Event of a Disaster

The next step is ensuring that you can properly conduct business after a disaster. For many, peak hurricane season poses a great threat of physical business damage. This could include damage to your office and data center. Where are your mission-critical systems stored? Do you store your data onsite? If a hurricane hits your office, are you at risk of losing everything? Getting your data and systems offsite in a secure cloud environment can ensure the continuity of your business. This means if a disaster happens, a secondary site can be swung up quickly and your business can continue to operate.

Magna5, and partner Commvault, make Disaster Recovery easy.

We provide fast and reliable backups that create a clear path to disaster recovery from the cloud. Our data center, located in Iron Mountain, is one of the most secure locations in the world and is trusted by many highly reputable organizations worldwide. Your data is stored offsite and disconnected from your network, so ransomware nor natural disasters have a chance to wipe out critical information. And the best part is that your backups and disaster recovery are managed fully by Magna5. We have inhouse experts that can recover a full virtual machine all the way down to a single file, quickly – eliminating downtime and ensuring your organization has high-availability.

Pro Tip: Bundle multiple secure cloud services to strengthen your business continuity. Communications need to continue before, during and after a disaster. With Unified Communications, a cloud-based managed business communications system, your organization can reroute calls to another device automatically. With the Unified Communications mobile application, Accession Communicator, you can take calls, chat, video conference and listen to voice mails on-the-go. Get reliable voice and data while strengthening your disaster recovery and business continuity plan with Unified Communications.

It’s time that the IT community shifts away from the thinking of “it won’t happen to us” to “how do we prepare for when it happens to us.” Fast disaster recovery is the goal and being able to continue operations during the worst times can ensure your business success. Want to learn more about Magna5’s data backup and disaster recovery solution, contact us today!

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